New Business in Thailand

The unprecedented economic growth in Thailand in the past decades has continued to magnetize investors who are all about investments and multiplying their seeds exponentially. These investors hope to address the issue of an increasing demand in the Thai market. The incentives and tremendous support that the Thai government gives to foreign investors remain a strong motivation that keeps attracting newbies to the Thai market. This is apart from the commendable infrastructure and a workforce that is skilled and very cost effective.

Clearly selected policies of free trade and liberalization, stability of the polity and social structure and the emergence of the Asian market are other standard factors that support conducting business in Thailand making it one of the best locations identified as a business destination in the world. Most investors eventually opt for the limited company which is the most popular option for a foreign investor due to its utility and flexibility even though there is an opportunity to choose from so many other options such as limited partnership, business registration, representative office, branch office, or regional office among others.

Considering the long registration procedure which involves presentation of so many documents and the filling of so many forms which is a time consuming and complex procedure, prospective business owners are usually advised to hire the services of a highly competent lawyer versed in English and the local Thai law to assist with the registration process. Such a lawyer must also understand both languages in order to be able to offer premium quality services. Other perks a foreign investor may be assisted with includes helping a foreigner get a work permit and a visa even as the new business is getting set up. Thailand is gradually establishing itself as a popular business destination for prospective investors.

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